Vulkan LabLine – purity up to 5.0

The LabLine series covers a broad variety of basic laboratory applications up to a gas purity of 5.0. It offers a high quality level on a low price level. LabLine means that our established technical parts are specially surface treated and cleaned and equipped with special sealings and stainless steel diaphragms.

Thanks to special cleaning processes according to the newest environmental standards, all products of the LabLine series undercut a maximum rest content of oil and grease on the surfaces of 100 mg/m². The maximum leaking rate is 10-9, which means that all parts are "helium-tight".

All parts and components are manufactured acc. to the actual DIN, EN and ISO standards as well as the German TRAC and of course also according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EG.

Pressure regulators
Manifold regulators
In-line regulators
Tapping point regulators