Pressure regulators

Not only complete manifolds, but also a substantial assortment of pressure regulators is part of our program.

Cylinder regulators

For 200 bar with different working pressure and flow ranges with connections according to DIN 477 and many other international connections.

In-Line regulators

Thanks to the horizontal inlet and outlet, our regulators are especially qualified for the installation within piping systems also available for different pressures and flows.

Manifold regulators 

For the design of tailor made gas supply systems and the maintenance of existing gas supply systems, we offer a diversity of manifold regulators which are mostly BAM approved.

Tapping point regulators

To install at the working place at the end of a pipeline to adjust and control the working pressure at the process.

High pressure compensation Vulkan Effect

We would like to point out our high-pressure compensation device within the VULKAN EFFECT pressure regulator that enables a constant working pressure at all working conditions. With a VULKAN Effect regulator you get the performance of a double-stage regulator for the price of a single-stage regulator. Thanks to the constant working pressure it allows constant and reproducible results and quality.

You will notice significant gas savings up to 30%