Special products for technical and cryogene gases

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Vulkan SP Line
Special production

For technical and cryogenic gases and oxygen, free of oil and grease, suitable for high pure gases, "plug & play", according to your special requests designed and manufactured:  

  • diverse adapters for tank truck couplings system EIGA, acc. to TN 522/97/EG

  • diverse adapters for tank truck couplings system Messer/AL, DN15-DN65

  • diverse adapters to connect two different tank truck coupling systems

  • diverse blind caps and plugs

  • diverse hook wrenches

  • decompression dampers for a silent purging after the filling process

  • park stations for a safe "parking" of the hoses after the filling process

  • filling lances to fill small containers with liquid gases

  • brazing connections for high and low pressure special customized products on request