Today you can find our products
in the following industries:

  • Welding, cutting & brazing

  • Medical technology

  • Food industry

  • Steel industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Aerospace industry

  • Laboratry equipment (see LabLine)


For more than 40 years we manufacture complete central gas supply stations
for cylinders, bundles, and tank supply.

Customized planning and design

According to your requests and given data, we will plan and design a complete gas supply system for you. Starting from the manifold system, over the piping systems up to your tapping points.

We supply

Complete central gas supply systems consisting of automatic manifolds, or manual manifolds in the MODULA add-on system which can be extended to your requirements. MODULA systems can be used for all technical and medical gases and various components with rail systems, purging valves, cylinder racks, hoses, copper bends and much more ... The different components will be arranged according to your request and will be supplied pre-assembled.

All systems correspond to the actual technical rules and standards like TRAC, UVV, DIN, EN, ISO and posses all necessary tests and approvals.

Customized Installations

More than 40% of all manifolds are custom-tailored to the specific needs and requests of the customer.