Industry Sector


  • Aluminum pipe assemblies for air-conditioning systems

  • Coax tubes for internal heat exchangers

  • Pipe assemblies for cooling water systems, made from aluminum or steel

  • High-pressure lines made from steel tubes

  • Oil cooler made from aluminum

  • Aluminum pipe assemblies for fuel systems

Heat Exchanger

  • Cu or Al return bend brazing on heat exchanger coils

  • Cu connecting pipes to Al fin-evaporators

Heating Appliances and Armatures

  • copper to copper and copper to brass pipe connections for gas-fired heaters

  • copper or brass connections at stainless steel corrugated hoses

  • Star bridge at heating spiral

Refrigeration appliances

  • Connecting pipes at rollbond evaporators made from aluminum

  • Dryer cartridge at condenser made from steel

  • Connecting pipes to compressor

  • Capillary tube evaporator

Solar thermal heating

  • Harp and meander collectors made from copper or aluminum

  • Vacuum tube collectors

  • Manifolds

Sanitary fittings

  • Mixer taps

  • Swivel spouts

  • Under-sink fittings  

  • Wire baskets for shower area

  • Under-sink fittings

  • Wire baskets for shower area

Tubular steel frames

  • Bicycle frames

  • Wheel chairs

  • Steel tube furniture

  • Shelf and display elements

  • Bathroom radiators/towel racks

Carbide tools

  • Drill bits

  • Saw blades

  • ploughshare